The International Conference on Metal Structures will be held in Zielona Góra - Poland on 15-17 June, 2016. It is the XIII-th conference from the series which started in 1958. The last four conferences were organized in Kraków (1995), Gdańsk (2001), Rzeszów (2006) and Wrocław (2011).
The Section of Metal Structures of Committee for Civil Engineering of Polish Academy of Sciences (SMS CCE PAS) is the institution which organizes conferences in this series.
Zielona Góra has been selected as the venue of the Conference. The event is organized by the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Institute of Building Engineering of the University of Zielona Góra.
The conference is intended to provide a forum for discussion and exchange of experience on recent developments in the areas related to the structural behavior and modelling, analysis and design, standardization, education, innovations, manufacturing and construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of steel, aluminum and composite structures.